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Welcome to Simba's Home Page

Hi! I'm Simba

I will start off by telling you a little about myself. I was born in Pine Grove, Pa, on April 25,1999. My colors are black white and gray in tiger stripes. I like watching T.V. and playing with my stuffed skunk, and I amuse myself with a twisty tie from a bread bag.

I know it' been quite awhile since I've updated this site, but I plan to make many improvements in the near future. Stop by whenever you can and see the updates!

From farm to Town

When I was born it was in a small backroads kinda town where most of us kittens got to run around and play while we learned to hunt by watching mom.
Now I live in town where I can't go out and hunt but I still find things to amuse me and keep me company. Life in town is a lot different than on a farm, but in it's own way, is still just as fun.

Say Hello

Drop us a note anytime at (red_car_1@hotmail.com)We'd love to hear from you.